Summer + Palette Challenge


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Long time no update!! I've been inactive for the past few months due to school & my personal life but now it's summer at last~ ^o^ I've finally graduated from high school most importantly ! it's really amazing how fast time flies.. nonetheless, I hope everybody else's spring (or w/e season it was) was wonderful!

nonetheless, I decided to take requests for this color palette change and wanted to post what I've made so far!


amaimon.gif palette11.gif 

donutgirl.gif palette16.gif 

morty2.gif palette12.gif 

kotonesilver.gif palette4.gif

they're quite monotonous to do but they're somehow very enjoyable to work on! I plan on doing more so long as I don't grow bored with it! ( ´∀`) I recommend other people to try it themselves because it's a nice change of pace!!

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2014 + Fire Emblem


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Hello! I hope everybody's Christmases and New Years went by well! unfortunately my winter break ended as quickly as it started ww so here I am almost halfway through the school year.. here comes midterms LOL _(:3」 ∠)_

otherwise lately I've been really into playing Fire Emblem: Awakening!!! it's such a wonderful game, I have no idea how I didn't buy it a long time ago.. it has such a wonderful plot and beautifully designed characters (one of my favorites being Henry I think..) !

I actually drew one of my favorite support pairs Henry/Olivia! ^p^

I hope to draw more fan art of more of the characters in the future because they're so perfect!!

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Happy December + XY


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Happy December!! I hope everybody's Thanksgivings and possible Black Friday shopping was fun and safe like mine!

I for one finally got my hands on Pokemon X although I really won't be able to play until this coming Christmas.. V 3 V but that's okay, I'm really excited for when I can--
so because of that, I drew some celebratory gijinkas of some new generation Pokemon I have my eye on..

..Tyrantrum!! I kind of see him being hardy or bold-natured kinda like my old Krookodile! ^o^ kindred spirits ww

..Noivern! Bat pokemon are my favorite so I already know he is a must have on my team!!
..and Meowstic!! I hope to make a male version one of these days but I think I plan on catching a female!! its first evo is very cute too and has very... deep, almost mind-controlling eyes....

../wheeze also, I'm also really looking forward to meeting the new Professor-- ^p^.... I wasn't so fond of his design at first but it's really grown on me by now as much as Serena's!! I can't wait to see all of the characters in-game!

    Otherwise, here's to another chilly and hectic month! I know I'm looking forward to Winter break already.. _(:3」 ∠)_

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Long time no update!!  Happy Thanksgiving!  
I just would like to say I'm VERY thankful to have supporters and friends like you all! I appreciate all of the kind things you say and do to me every day, and you're all 100% precious to me.. THANK YOU!

Anyways, November has been quite busy for me due to senior year related business (which still isn't over /cry), but throughout the month I've been working on traditional art for sending out this Christmas since I haven't had much time to get on the computer to work on any digital art!



penpal8.jpg  penpal7.jpg

I'm pretty convinced I am Santa Claus in the flesh because I just love to send things out to people during the holidays. T_T so if you see me coming down your chimney, please do not be alarmed..
..and some little side things I doodled for pen pals I decided to scan and color with my touchpad before I mail them, too! ^p^

All characters drawn belong to their rightful owners (and Cethin is mine)!! Have a lovely Thanksgiving and save me your leftovers--!

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Little Witch


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I am beyond early but I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to draw for.. ❤  
a little girl who is a self-proclaimed "evil" witch and her peasant cats!! 

This is the fastest I've updated my blog in a while.. most likely because my days off causes me to unleash my creative freedom.. ^p^ anyways, I drew something for Halloween! surprisingly I have never drawn a witch original character as far as I remember- so I did this year! next year will be.. maybe a vampire? ww

Also did another recording!! as for the music used.. my personal homage to Tomosuke-- practically all of the songs used are his LOL/// his works are too perfect..

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